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Many companies may wonder why you need a website translation service. When in    there are a lot of plugins that can do the same job.

The answer to that question is that the quality of the translation is of a much higher level than if the the translation is carried out by a plugin.

Think about the translation made by a plugin or by Google Translate. It is a literal translation without taking into consideration the context. But we all know that context has a lot to do with the meaning of words. So, the end result may not make sense within a certain context.

That is why we have native English translators. We translate your website naturally into the language that your clients use, in order to achieve a better understanding by them.

A correct translation increases the quality of your website and avoids unnecessary doubts about the the services you offer or about the sale of products to your potential customers.

We also translate any other kind of documents that you may need to incorporate to your website.

Documents such as pdfs, meeting minutes, etc. that need to be uploaded and displayed which are not necesseraly part of the core of the website.

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