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9 Features our Web Design includes

We, a professional web design company, consider it is essential for your business to include your social networks on your website.

Your social networks play an important role in the positioning in google and the visibility of your business.

At the same time you can make your services or products visible to potential customers who are not aware of your business as yet.


As part of our professional web design a SSL certificate  for greater security protection is essential, hence all our web designs include a SSL certificate at no additional cost.

The website will have https protocol, so it will comply with the security standards in order for the website to be protected from potential external threats.

This will allow the users to securely transmit sensitive data over the internet.

We take into consideration the
responsive web design in our projects.

A responsive design means that the website’s contents will automatically adapt to the screen of the device where the website is viewed.

Therefore you will have a website adapted to mobile, tablet or computer achieving a greater user experience

Being accessible to your customers is very important for a business.

This is the reason why we believe that having the press to call option   on your website is essential. on your website.

Just by clicking this option, your clients will be able to speak directly and automatically with your company.

Our web design company will also offer the option of chatting directly through whatsapp.

With the integration of Google Maps on your website, customers will be able to know the location of your business, as browsers can geolocate it.

So they can get directions on how to get to your business .

At the same time it is also a very important factor to your business positioning in google.

As part of our web design we create a customized corporate email with your company’s name or domain.

In this way you can communicate with your customers and other businesses in a more professional manner.

We introduce in our web design the option for customers to send you an email directly to your company.

By clicking on this option the email application will be activated.  

With every web design we include at NO ADDITIONAL COST 3 months of our Basic Maintenance Plan for your website.
The areas covered are:

  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Speed
  • Monitoring

At the end of the day, it is about ensuring that your website works correctly in every aspect.

Our web design company will pay attention to both the design itself and Google positioning of your website, taking special emphasis on SEO – organic search engine positioning.

In this way, when users search for keywords that are related to your business in Google, Bing, etc your website can appear in a prominent place.

The  web hosting is where your website’s files are going to be stored, so they are accessible to users.

A good hosting ensures that your website is fast, and secure, and has no connectivity problems for the users.

The domain is the unique name of your website. By this name, the internet users will be able to find your website.

Both, hosting and domain are included for the first year with our web design company. Yearly renewals are not included.

Google Reviews


They designed our website and we are very happy with the result. They advised us and informed us of all the steps taken to improve our web presence. Excellent customer service.

APPlicaciones Kanarias

From the beginning they were involved in the project. Excellent customer service. A pleasure to work with.

Jacinto Gamon Huemer

Great professionals and with the best skills. You look forward for such a service. Thanks

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