Web Positioning and Digital Marketing

Web positioning and digital marketing are essential tools if you own a website.

Nowadays we use computers, phones, or tablets to search for our needs on the internet, such as information, work, social networks, email, online purchases, etc.

Many small businesses and freelancers leave the local visibility of their business in the hands of social networks, especially Facebook. They also rely on the static advertising of their company vehicles and overall the word of mouth of their customers.

In many cases, the described strategies are enough for them and do well; however, the growth of the company business is slow. These companies also risk being overtaken by their competition, as competitors may use a more complete approach to their business.

For instance, think of the typical company vehicle, that we all see very often, which carries all kinds of contact information, such as telephone, mail, the services that the company provides, etc. The idea behind this strategy is to show their company services and products to all of us with the hope that we can contact them when we actually need some of their services or products that they provide or sell.

That makes sense! however, I would like to know how many of us do actually write down information we see on those company vehicles for when we MAY NEED THEM in the future? I guess not many of us. And we don’t do that because when we do NEED to buy a service or product we just SEARCH Google to get that for us or point us in the right direction.

This is one of the reasons why a website is so relevant for your business.

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Why Web Positioning is so Important – SEO?

What makes a website important for your business is that when we use Google to search for something, it is because we NEED IT.

We search for what we want to buy, sell, etc. Basically, we have already made the decision that we NEED it. As opposed to the static information of the company vehicle.

Both strategies, local advertisement, and web positioning complement each other. It does NOT mean that one is better than the other or that one is a substitute for the other. The ideal one is to have both or more if possible. This makes the visibility of our company multiply, having more options to reach more potential clients.

Therefore, web positioning or SEO is so important for your business. SEO is based on techniques that influence the positioning of our website and its appearance in user searches. If you wish to know more SEO tips and tricks for beginners we recommend the blog of Julian Goldie.

In this way, our company can be accessible and visible for when they NEED us, even for those who did not know of our existence. A basic SEO setup is included in all the web pages we develop.

In short, the digital world should be seen by companies as an opportunity for growth and maintenance of the same. Creating relationships in social networks, through online sales, finding new clients or even keeping your current clients.

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