Optimizing web Performance

In WordPress, we refer to optimizing web performance with the term “WPO which stands for Web Performance Optimization.

In short, we can say that optimizing the performance of the websites consists of improving how their resources work, for instance, if they load more quickly, if they load in a stable manner, etc. The ultimate goal of this optimization is to achieve a higher user experience.

What are the advantages of improving web performance

First of all, we improve the technical side of it, such as the loading speed and, of course, the experience of the user who interacts with our website.

The loading speed has a great influence on how Google is going to position our web in search engines. If the user does not visit our website because it takes “a long time” to load, etc., this would also have a negative influence. Or if once the user gains access to our web, the web is not stable and his experience with it is not optimal.

métricas de optimización de recursos web

How to optimize web performance

The answer to that is that it depends on each website, as each website has its own features and characteristics.

By this, we mean that some websites have a high number of http requests, which implies a delay in loading the page. Sometimes some of these requests can be reduced or avoided. Other websites may have a large number of plugins that make the website to be heavy and the implications this has on loading.

And these are just some examples of how web resources may have an impact on their performances.

Finally optimizing web performance is not about SEO, however, SEO is influenced by it.

How to Measure WPO

Recently Google has established some metrics to measure the general performance of the webs. These metrics are the Core Web Vitals which focus mainly on the user experience in terms of loading speed, stability and interactivity of the webs while the user interacts with them.
metricas de core web vitas explicadas
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