FAQ about Web Design

These FAQ about web design are based on what most of our clients ask us.

What does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends on the type of website created. A website with more features and functionalities will cost more than a simpler one. In our web design we include the domain and hosting for the first year.

Can I make changes to my website?

Your website is created with WordPress, so you will be able to make any changes you want or consider appropriate. 

Updates on my website?

All WordPress websites use plugins and these are updated regularly. We will explain how to update and make changes to your website if you prefer to update it yourself. However, if you rather we can do these updates for the first year at no extra cost.

Where will my website be hosted?

Our preferred hosting companies are Raiola Networks, Siteground and Webempresa. We will always choose the best hosting option for your website and its functionalities.

Seo and web positioning

Nowadays search engine optimisation is essential for the success of your business, which is why this concept is taken into account in our web designs.

For more information on this subject see our page SEO and web positioning.

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If you have any other questions that are not on our list of faq about web design, then send us your question directly.

Mobile responsive web design

Your website will have a design adaptable to any device where it is viewed, whether laptop, phone or tablet.

In short, the content of your website will automatically adapt to the size of the screen where they are seen.

Learn more about responsive design web.

When I will have my website

The time depends on the type of website, i.e. it depends on the functionalities and whether the content of the website has to be developed from scratch or is provided by the client.

In general, it will be ready in 7 to 10 days.

In any case, once we know the project, we will be able to specify the delivery date.

Webs for life

A website requires an initial cost – design, hosting and domain which is included in our budget for the first year.

From the second year onwards, hosting and domain renewal is required on an annual basis.

If you have premium plugins, they usually need to be renewed annually as well.

Web and social media maintenance services

This is an additional service for those people who want to focus completely on their business and leave the technical aspect in our hands. We have several web maintenance plans according to your needs.

Deferred Payment Option

We offer the option of deferred payment over several months at no additional cost.

Payment for our services is made by bank transfer.