FAQ about Web Design

These faq about web design are based on what most of our clients ask us.


How long does the design of the web page take

The time depends on the type of website, the functionalities, and if its content must be created from scratch or provided by the client.

Usually, we will deliver it to you in 7-10 days. If a higher level of programming is required it would be around 14 days.

In any case, once we know the project, the delivery date can be specified.

Responsive web design to any type of device

The web pages created are based on a responsive web design for any device where it is viewed, be it a laptop, phone, or tablet.

In short, the content of the web pages will automatically adapt to the size of the screen where they are viewed.

Self-managed websites

Websites created with WordPress can be managed by yourself once the project is delivered to you.

We will explain everything you need to know so that you can manage it in the future.

For your peace of mind, during the 3 months following the delivery of the project, we offer free maintenance and management of your website.

Can I make updates or modifications to the web

Pages created with WordPress come with software called plugins that need to be updated from time to time.

Also sometimes you will need to add extra content, be it additional information, images, etc. that you need.

We will tell you how to make content modifications and software updates so that you can manage it yourself. You also have the option, if you wish, to have it managed by us through our web maintenance plans.

Seo and web positioning in Google

Today web positioning in search engines is essential for the success of your business, so this concept is taken into account in our web designs.

For more information on this topic see our page SEO and Web Positioning

Technical and Fees FAQ about web design

Cost of a website

Our prices are based on the type of project you need. We want your website to show your company correctly and to reflect its potential. Prices are in relation to your expectations or budget.

Annual cost of a website

This is one of the most popular faq about web design. A website has initial costs and other annual costs, in general. The initial costs are the design, hosting of the web page on the Internet, and the domain of the same.

There may also be premium plugin costs if needed. In general, our web designs do not have premium plugins. If it is necessary to use them, it will be confirmed beforehand.

The annual costs are the annual renewal of the hosting, domain and payment plugins if any.

Deferred Payment Option

Payment for our services is made through bank transfer. We offer the option of deferred payment in several months at no additional cost.

What will be the hosting of the website

Another of the frequently asked questions about web design is this. In general, our websites are hosted by webempresa, siteground or raiola networks due to the good technical and human service that they offer to their clients in Spanish.

These three hosting companies offer similar service features and a high level of support to make it easier for you to self-manage your web.

Web maintenance and social networks service

This is an additional service for those people who want to fully focus on their business and leave the technical aspect in our hands. We have several web maintenance plans according to your needs.

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre diseño web - faq about web design - creatuwebpymes

If you have any other questions that are not on our list of frequently asked questions about web design, then send us your question directly.

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